Alaa Adnan Yamani

Alaa Yamani, with over 20 years of practice, is unique in the world of law with diverse expertise on Saudi and international business laws. As a bilingual that graduated with a masters degree in law (LL.M) from the University of London, U.K, he has developed a better understanding of global legal business issues, which reflects positively on his capabilities as a Saudi lawyer.  The combination of understanding global laws as well as Islamic laws gives Alaa and YJB the stand summit of understanding the clients’ needs. Alaa has been advising many business entities on issues related to banking laws, project finance, corporate and trade finance. His proficiency holds the firm as a solid ground for corporate clients to obtain the most approaching advice on legal matters.

Some of the matters that Alaa has worked on include advising on matters related to biding for the first Data License in KSA; IPOs in Saudi Law and licensing for a number of international banks to practice investment banking in KSA. Alaa has a assisted in the preparation of the documentation of the merger that take place between two Saudi banks in late’90.


Licensed Notary

Jeddah Office Manager, Ahmed Zaki Yamani Lawyers & Legal Consultants.

Lawyer, Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

Legal Advisor, The Law Office of Hassan Mahassni, in association with

White & Case LLP.