Mohammad Mohsin Baroom

Mr. Baroom holds a master degree in laws (LL.M) from The George Washington University Law School. Baroom has attended many seminars and workshops to strengthen his skills and to attach it to practical experience. He has participated in several seminars related to the structures of the World Trade Organization, Arbitration  and the intense model elements of drafting business contracts and how to meet clients’ legal needs.

Baroom has a significant experience with several reputable law firms before becoming a partner at Yamani, Jamjoom and Baroom. One of these reputable law firms is Ahmed Zaki Yamani law firm. Baroom’s key role in these law firms was to represent companies on all of their legal matters including reviewing and drafting different kind of agreements such as NDAs, distributions, partnership and cooperation agreements. Furthermore, being a bilingual assisted Baroom in handling international matter for his clients. Baroom is an unconventional person in embarking upon issues from legal standpoints, he and his firm holds the motto of “client interest is our number one priority”.